Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I Want Them to Stay Straight! Why Retention Is Important!

When seeing an orthodontist  most people state the obvious, they want to get their teeth straightened.   However, they do not follow  with this… “I want them to stay straight”.  In order to meet these expectations  Drs. Aleman & Sternstein have established a retention protocol which includes the use of retainers and patient cooperation.

Studies have shown that teeth continue to move throughout life and lower teeth have a higher risk of shifting.  Knowing this Dr.’s Aleman & Sternstein recommend “life” retention for their patients. It’s pretty simple, on the day braces are removed patients are given specific instructions based on the type of retainer   Most patients receive an upper removable retainer and will be encouraged to wear it 24 hours a day for the first year. After this period patients are asked to wear their retainer at night time. The lower retainer is permanently bonded to the inside of the front teeth.

The retention phase is just as important as the braces themselves.  If retainers are not worn as instructed the teeth can shift, which could lead to movement.

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