Friday, March 4, 2016

ORTHO BY 7, PHASES 1 & 2…….So Many Questions???

Why is it recommended to see an Orthodontist by age 7?  It’s simple, some orthodontic conditions are easier to correct earlier. The early correction can help prevent or alleviate more serious problems later. If it is determined that a patient would benefit from early orthodontic care, often treatment will be done in two Phases. An early limited treatment known as Phase 1 is initiated in order to position the teeth where they should be for that stage in the patient’s dental development.   Later when the child is older a Phase 2 will begin at the appropriate time depending on the patient’s growth and dental needs.

Phase 1 What is it? What are the benefits? What does it entail?

Phase 1 treatment may require a limited amount of braces and/or appliances that are actively moving the teeth. This can be the foundation for a more stable and ideal facial result prior to a full (Phase 2) orthodontic treatment. The benefits a patient may receive from Phase 1 treatment may include but are not limited to:

1. Taking advantage of growth
2. Minimizing the need to extract permanent teeth
3. Avoid or reduce the need for facial surgery
4. Correct harmful habits
5. Decrease the risk to tooth trauma
6. Improve psychological factors
7. Increase compliance
8. Maximize the benefits of orthodontics

Phase 2 What is it? What are the benefits? What does it entail?

Phase 2 treatment will typically include braces on all the teeth and/or appliances. This phase will ensure that each tooth has a precise location in the mouth to provide the optimal oral health environment and esthetic result.

1. Move the permanent teeth into their final/permanent positions
2. Improve teeth function
3. Improve the facial appearance
4. Improve self-esteem

Other Phase 1, Phase 2 facts: 

The Phase 1 treatment time is typically 12-18 months.  Phase 2 treatment is entirely separate from the Phase 1 treatment. There will generally be an interim period between the two phases of treatment. During this time, the patient’s growth and development along with the permanent teeth as they erupt will be closely monitored. By working early with your orthodontist you can accomplish excellent results that can have drastic effects that make a difference later in life.