Wednesday, July 30, 2014


 Recently at our staff meeting our facilitator asked the staff to do an exercise on the top 10 Signs McDaniel, Sternstein & Aleman Orthodontics is Top Notch!!!  The overwhelming results for the #1 reason basically can be summed up by the golden rule we all learned in kindergarten.  We Treat others they way we want to be treated. That along with the remaining 9 reasons help us to create an overall patient experience that we hope makes our patients agree that their orthodontist is top notch! 

If you are wondering what we consider it takes to make McDaniel, Sternstein & Aleman Orthodontics Top 
Notch here are the top 10 Reasons:

10.          Expectations Plus – Not only meeting but exceeding patients expectations with treatment      results.  Flexibility & understanding of payment plans, flex accounts and payment options.

9.            Cleanliness – High Tech sterilization process. An organized, clean & updated modern            office.

8.           Hygiene Control – Continuous monitoring of patient oral hygiene. We keep the teeth in as      good, if not better condition after orthodontic treatment than when they first began.

7.            Lab – In house lab which offers quick service, very close communication between Dr. and    lab for customized appliances and models.

6.            Positive, Professional Atmosphere – highly trained staff that works together as a team to        create an upbeat fun, caring place you enjoy coming to, and from time to time can win          some cool prizes.
5.            Technology, Experience– 50+ years of combined experience along with the latest in              technological advancements such as laser capabilities, digital x-rays and self ligating                brackets.

4.            Communication – open lines of communications not only between Dr, staff and patients but    also we are a liaison between patients and other offices with coordination of appointments    and treatment follow up.

3.            Healthy Functioning Bite - Not only straight teeth, but a correct bite with centric stops and    cuspid protection.

2.            Stability – A perfect smile for life, retention follow up, stable                                                  results.

1.            GOLDEN RULE – Treat others the way you want to be treated, strive to work with          patients along the entire treatment to ensure the best patient experience.

Monday, July 14, 2014

To Brace Or Not To Brace That Is The Question!

When people think braces they picture a teenager, as many assume the two go together.  However, that is not necessarily the case; today it is common to see children of all ages and even adults with braces.
Some may question why braces are necessary.  Braces are used to correct many problems.  Some of these problems being rotated or crowded teeth, missing teeth, underbites, overbites, deepbites, openbites and crossbites.  Braces are also used to correct jaw positions and dysfunction of the jaw joints.  If left untreated these bites may result in extreme wear of teeth, bone loss and gum disease.  Patients with these bites may also experience difficulty in speaking, biting and chewing.
One of the most frequently asked questions is when to begin orthodontic treatment.  It is almost never too late to benefit from orthodontic treatment, as many orthodontic problems can be treated at any age.  Although the American Association of Orthodontics and the American Dental Association does suggest that children should see an orthodontist no later than age 7.  Treating patients between the ages of 8-14 is the most optimal time while the face and jaws are still growing.
While the majority of orthodontic problems are best corrected on one phase of treatment and usually started after the eruption of most of the permanent teeth, there are some cases in which early intervention is needed.  This may require the patient to have their treatment in two phases.  If two phases are needed the 1st phase is usually when the patient has both permanent and baby teeth and the treatment time is typically 12-18 months. The goal of the first phase of treatment is to get the patients teeth where they should be for this stage of their dental development.
Having a balanced and beautiful bite is not only good for your health; it can improve your self-esteem.  Often people who are not happy with their smile will shield it with their hands or tight lips.   Correcting your smile may give you a boost of self confidence; it is the most striking part of your face. 

The benefits of a healthy bite are endless!  So it appears the answer to the question above to brace or not brace is obvious! You have nothing to lose and all to gain so BRACE it is!