Thursday, November 5, 2015

Crooked Teeth?

This time of year seeing the Jack-O-Lanterns and their funny smiles makes me think of teeth (imagine that!), and the many stories that have circulated throughout time as to why humans have crooked teeth.  A few of these stories have included cultural mixing, thumb-sucking, and even food consumption.  In the dental world crooked teeth are called malocclusion's, and can be caused by many factors.  Some of those factors are 1) genetics- if one or both parents has or have had crowded or missing teeth it is likely their child(ren) will as well. 2) Poor oral hygiene – not brushing your teeth well can lead to early tooth loss; which can cause teeth to move or not come in the proper locations. 3) Small dental arches- which do not allow enough room for all the teeth to fit properly. And, 4) finger/ thumb habits- these can misguide teeth by putting unnecessary pressure on them.

 With the orthodontic treatment advancements today, each factor mentioned above can be corrected. The American Association of Orthodontist today estimate around 80% of teenagers are in orthodontic treatment.  If you are interested in being a part of that 80% and would like more information give the office a call to schedule an appointment.