Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Back to School Back to Braces!!

So summer is over, and it is time to get back to reality. For many that usually means having to get back into some form of a routine.  It usually involves creating specific times for extracurricular activities, homework and personal grooming.  Sometimes it may feel like you are meeting yourself coming and going.  To think that you have to add the orthodontic maintenance and visits on top of everything else that you juggle can be a little overwhelming.  But what most don’t realize is that the brackets and wires used at Aleman, Sternstein & McDaniel Orthodontics are the most advanced systems Patients that are in orthodontic treatment will visit the office about once every 6 weeks.  Appointment times generally will be less than an hour in length.  Typically a student will miss about a class a quarter for an orthodontic appointment.

Another thing that patients think may be more difficult to manage while time is at a premium is the “dry brushing” Dr. Aleman asks his patients to do this every day for a ½ hour.   There are a couple solutions to doing this.  The first solution is to do it while you are on your way to and from activities. You can get a good 10-15 minutes while you are riding to your destination. There is no toothpaste needed so there is no need to rinse.  Also, you can do dry brushing while you study for that history test or read that English novel.

One other thing that I often hear students concerned about is brushing their teeth while at school.  Since this is something that really should be done, for a couple of reasons 1) your buddies are not going to want to see what you had for lunch, and 2) left over pizza in the brackets isn’t very attractive.  An easy fix for this is to grab your traveling kit (the one you received the day you began your treatment with Aleman, Sternstein & McDaniel Orthodontics). Next, run the toothbrush under the water and then if you don’t want anyone to see you brush, pop into the stall real quick and get the junk off your teeth.  When you get home that evening you can do a thorough cleaning with toothpaste and floss.