Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Incredibles and Braces

As you read this title The Incredibles and Braces you are probably asking yourself now how do these two things tie together?  Well, who doesn’t love a good animated movie?  And, I am sure that everyone thinks of braces or orthodontics when they are watching one right?  Well maybe not unless you are an orthodontist or watching “Mater” on the Cars movies.  But, the other day while watching “Elastagirl” on The Incredibles it made me think of rubber bands which in turn lead me to my next thought.  How elastics are used in the office daily for many different reasons.  Which then lead me to think that I am sure not many people fully understand why an orthodontist uses rubber bands.
While in braces rubber bands along with arch wires are used to aide in the correction of many different orthodontic problems.  One patient may be wearing a rubber band to correct an overbite, and the next one could be using it to correct an underbite.  Rubber bands are also used to help correct openbites, crossbites, midline alignment and can even be used after Oral Surgery.
Often at the beginning of treatment patients are extremely anxious to begin rubber bands and ask if they are going to get them at their first appointment.  Generally rubber bands will happen a little later in the treatment.  Sometimes during the course of treatment patients may be asked to wear their rubber bands intermittently; it is not uncommon to start and stop rubber bands or to even wear rubber bands more than 1 way during the treatment.
At McDaniel, Sternstein & Aleman Orthodontics we try to keep rubber band wear fun and easy to follow.  We offer different colors of elastics and have fun names such as Kangaroo, Foxes and Penguins.  The staff makes sure each patient knows how to hook the bands up and exactly how they are to be worn.  It is extremely important to wear the elastics as instructed.  The wires are made to work with the rubber band and if they are not being worn the teeth may move a different direction or not at all.  If they are not worn properly the braces will have to stay on longer. 

So if it’s starting to sound like you are visiting a zoo,….rubber bands could possibly be in your future.