Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gold Medal Smiles!

With the Olympics just wrapping up Gold Medals are on everyone’s minds! As I watched with my family the dedication and hard work the athletes put into each of those medals it made me think of my patients and what it takes to get a Gold Medal Smile.  Although patients may not need to spend hours in the gym, pool, or weight room to achieve a Gold Medal Smile, it does take a commitment from patients and their families to reach treatment goals.  There are many hurdles an orthodontist will face when treating a case. Great patient compliance is extremely important to create an award winning smile.

There are two areas where an orthodontist depends on the patient to stay on top of their game.1) Oral hygiene - Braces are food traps and if teeth are not kept clean optimal results will not occur. 2) Elastic wear- This vital step in the process is absolutely necessary. When elastics are worn incorrectly or not at all, treatment slows down or does not progress. When the orthodontist and the patient work together a beautiful smile (Gold Medal Smile) is created.