Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Orthodontic Consultation

The orthodontic consultation is typically the patients’ third visit to the practice. This appointment will take place after the patient has been seen for an Initial Exam and Diagnostic Records.  The consultation will allow the doctor to present to the patient and his/her family their individualized treatment plan. Our Treatment Coordinator along with Dr. Aleman will go over all of the orthodontic records and discuss facial growth. Our objective is to treat all cases non-extraction of permanent teeth. Many additional important matters are discussed at the orthodontic consultation such as treatment time, patient cooperation, orthodontic appliances, orthodontic emergencies and financial obligations. The Treatment Coordinator will go on to share that in most cases the brackets will be put on gradually. Patients will be given more detailed instructions chair-side regarding brushing, rubber band wear and the food list.  It is also stressed at this appointment to both the parent and the patient the importance of excellent tooth brushing and the continual need of routine visits to their general dentist.   The consultation appointment is a good time to express any concerns and address questions that the patient or parent may have regarding the treatment. A beautiful, healthy smile that will last a life time is the ultimate goal of Aleman and Sternstein Orthodontics.

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